Expectations Family Fund
The Spa Expectations Family Fund is designed to assist individuals who have difficulty acquiring  or do not qualify for monetary and professional assistance due to their salaries or residence. Below please find services that we provide but are not limited to:
  1. Carfare to seek employment
  2. Funds for organized sports supplies for youth (uniforms, initial fees, equipment)
  3. Utility bills assistance
  4. Child Care fee assistance
  5. Clothing/School Supplies
  6. Assistance with Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Retirement Parties to uplift spirits
  7. Assistance with prescription medications and over-the-counter medications to improve quality of life for Everyone!!
  8.  Assistance with Rent and/or mortgage payment
  9.  Food Assistance
    10. Spa and Quality of Life Services for Shelters and Sponsorship


Your support is deeply appreciated.  Monetary donations or donations of supplies and services will assist families in enhancing their lives along with promoting and achieving their goals.  A one-time donation or a monthly donation in any amount will change the lives of many.  Your donation will go towards your community! Every cent counts.
From 1 cent to whatever you desire, It is a blessing!
As always, we thank you for your consideration and kindness.

For quality of life assistance, resources and referrals, please email us at or
call us at 646-640-7243
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