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Welcome to Expect Your Best Life!!

We want to say. "THANK YOU", again to everyone who has donated funds, services and items to the Expectations Family Fund.  Since of  March, 2022 through January 31, 2023,  we have continued in assisting in providing food, medication costs, travel, Home cleaning supplies, Fun Gifts for children and adults, school supplies, Hand sanitizers to approximately 30 Shelters, 102 individuals and  Food pantries in NY, NJ, NC and several other states across the country. 

 During these somewhat uncertain times of unemployment, illness, lack of health insurance, community food deserts and all the basic necessities of life, we are now in the business of assisting more individuals and families than ever before.

We all need assistance from time to time and most of us are blessed with assistance from Family, Friends, Community, Places of Worship and at times, our government.  For those who are not as fortunate, and who may not be able to acquire assistance through the venues mentioned, especially as we move through this relentless pandemic,  we offer on-site services, virtual services, supplies, clothing, assistance in updating resumes as well as uplifting events and fun products and more!  

Your donation of any amount (one-time or monthly) is the blessing that will allow us to provide much needed assistance to hard-working, caring and under-served individuals and families. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are accepting funds via Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Apple Pay,  Credit/Debit cards and checks.

If you wish to donate clothing or other tangible items, please contact us at or text 646-640-7243.

To find out more about our program, please email us at

Refer to our "Expectations Family Fund"  below for additional details.

We thank you, again, in advance, for your consideration, thoughtfulness and Love. Bless someone by being a blessing.

Expectations Family Fund 

In these extremely inconsistent times and to serve those who are under-served, The Spa Expectations Family Fund is designed to assist individuals who have difficulty acquiring or do not qualify for monetary and professional assistance due to their salaries or residence. Below please find services that we provide but are not limited to:

  1. Carfare to seek employment
  2. Funds for organized sports supplies for youth (uniforms, initial fees, equipment)
  3. Utility bills assistance
  4. Child Care fee assistance
  5. Clothing/School Supplies
  6. Assistance with Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Retirement Parties to uplift spirits
  7. Assistance with prescription medications and over-the-counter medications to improve quality of life for Everyone!!
  8. Assistance with Rent and/or mortgage payment
  9. Food Assistance
  10. Spa and Quality of Life Services for Shelters and Sponsorship

Your support is deeply appreciated. Monetary and Services donations will assist families in enhancing their lives along with promoting and achieving their goals. A one-time donation or a monthly donation in any amount will change the lives of many. Your donation will go towards your community!

Every cent counts.

From 1 cent to whatever you desire,  is a blessing!

As always, we thank you for your consideration and kindness.

To Donate by Check

Make checks payable to: "The Spa Expectations Corp"

Mail to: The Spa Expectations Corporation

1243 Legacy Greene Avenue, Wake Forest, NC 27587

Attn: Denise G. Hanney

Venmo - @Denise-Hanney

Cash App - $DeniseHanney

Paypal -

Zelle -

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

For quality of life assistance, resources and referrals, please email us at or

text us at 646-640-7243

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