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Leadership Training

Dr. Marilyn John, BA, MS


Over 20 years of effective and successful leadership training for Governments, NGOs, CBOs, Faith Institutions and more!


Tamika Albertini

Sacred Color Healing

Holistic Therapist, Holistic Health Coach, Sound Healer, Natureopathic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Spiritual Coach, Meditation Coach, Life Coach

Letty.B Creations

     Letty B Creations is a garment printing shop.

 Currently carrying

-  Heat Transfer Vinyl     -Sublimation Supplies    - Crafting Tools    -  Epoxy Resin Supplies

                -  Crafting and DIY Shop              


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The Spa Expectations Corporation  for discounted prices.

Always Creating  by  Tanya

Personalized Items from T-Shirts, Wood & Wine Glasses, Party Favors, Decals, Pillows and more !

Please visit

Instagram - @Alwayscreatingbytanya


Dynamic Trainings

by Theresa Francois, President

Stress Management, Goal Setting,Effective Communication, Work Life Balance and More!


Mention "The Spa Expectations Corporation" and receive a discount and gift"

Wanda Jeanty, MD, MS

Founder and CEO of "Not Another Diet Wanda"

We are pleased to offer a Mental Health, First Aid course that will be taught by a certified Medical Health First Aid Instructor,Dr. Wanda Jeanty. The course focuses on educating individuals, families and employees on how to recognize and respond to those who may be living with a mental health issue or experiencing a crisis. This course would also implement an action plan on how to de-escalate a crisis until the appropriate medical personnel is available.

To Schedule Dr. Wanda Jeanty's services, please contact us at or call us at 646-640-7243. We offer discounted services through The Spa Expectations Corporation.

Expect The Best School Days!  Program

For Teachers, PTAs and Students

Enjoy the luxury of being pampered-mind, body and spirit through our unique and customized on-site and virtual services; Creating a more productive and relaxing environment for everyone - During transitional school curriculum, all-year school environments, Summer School and Holidays.

For Additional Information and/or to schedule a session(s),

Email us at

 or give us a call or text at 646-640-7243

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